Dr. Eric Hans Eddes

Deventer Ziekenhuis, Gastro-Intestinal and Oncological Surgeon
Panel - The role of global standards for hospitals and patients

EH Eddes MD, PhD - Eric Hans is GastroIntestinal Surgeon at the Deventer Hospital, a teaching hospital in the Netherlands. He has always been active in respectively professional boards. From this perspective, he became engaged in quality, improvement and transparency in healthcare and is one of the founders and director of the Dutch Insitute for Clinical Auditing (DICA), an umbrella organization facilitating 23 clinical registries with nationwide coverage. DICA initiated significant improvements in Healthcare in the Netherlands over the years (www.dica.nl).

Eric Hans was engaged in the World Economic Forum Steering Committee and Core Team for Value Based HealthCare. He is a member of the global Advisory Board of Coloplast and the GS1 Healthcare Clinical Advisory Committee.