Dr. Hinne A. Rakhorst

Dutch Association of Plastic Surgeons, ICOBRA member, Plastic Surgeon, Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede, Chair
Panel – Implant Registries – impacts for manufactures, hospitals, governments and patients

Hinne is a plastic surgeon in the Netherlands. Besides clinical work he is involved in board work as the immediate past president of the Dutch Society for plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery and treasure of ICOPLAST, currently the largest international confederation of plastic surgery societies.

Besides board work, Hinne was one of the co-founders of the Dutch breast Implant registry (DBIR) and active member of ICOBRA, the international consortium of breast implant registries.

From these two functions, Hinne is actively looking at reducing administrative burdens, improving data quality and is a big believer in data sharing in order to improve quality of care. From this perspective, the DBIR choose from its start in 2015 for uniform UDI management and barcoding and is looking actively in using this technique to automatically incorporate the internationally agreed datapoints of breast implants into the registry.

Hinne is quite happy to be contacted for collaboration and sharing experiences.