Dr. Lies van Gennip

Opening remarks and welcome to the conference

Lies is since 2012 CEO/Chair of the national competence centre for eHealth in the Netherlands (Nictiz). This mission of Nictiz is to improve health through better information. Nictiz is an independent, government financed organization, which has three responsibilities: the development and maintenance of information standards for health care and medical terminology, contribution to national eHealth programs, and monitoring of national eHealth developments. Amongst others, Nictiz is in co-operation with Nivel, responsible for the eHealth monitor, with which the Ministry informs Parliament annually of national eHealth development.

Lies van Gennip holds a PhD (with honours) in Biology at the Leiden University. Since 1989 she has been working in various positions contributing to quality and innovation, mainly in health care. At HISCOM (1989-1996), she worked on technology assessment of medical informatics applications. At TNO (1996-2002), Lies created quality assurance standards for hospitals that led to the establishment of the Dutch Institute for Accreditation of Hospitals (NIAZ) and she became the first CEO of NIAZ. She then became the first CEO of the accreditation organization for higher education (NVAO – 2002-2005), and CEO/Chair of STIVORO, Expertise Center for Tobacco discouragement (2006-1012).