Jean-Michel Descoutures

Resah, France , Hospital pharmacist
Hospital transformation using GS1 Standards

Jean-Michel Descoutures is a hospital pharmacist, currently working in the Pharmacy Department of the Argenteuil hospital in France. He has joined the “Réseau des acheteurs hospitaliers” (Resah) in 2007, which is the hospital procurement hub in Paris region.

He is now working on a national level, where he coordinates the procurement of pharmaceuticals for over 70 hospitals including the military ones. He is part of the executive board of the “Club des Acheteurs de Produits de Santé” which is an association where all the different public and private GPOs can discuss about their similar issues regarding the environment of procurement of health products.

In 2009, he was elected a Member of the French Academy of Pharmacy.

He represents the International Hospital Federation (IHF) on the Leadership team of GS1 Healthcare.