Sotiris Tsiafos

Military Pharmacist, OR Traceability Project Manager, 401 Athens General Army Hospital
Panel – Connecting the supply chain to clinical outcomes

Mr. Sotiris Tsiafos is a pharmacist and a military officer of the Greek Army. He has served most of his active duty time at Army’s Medical Supplies Centre, the “Core Unit” of Greek Army’s healthcare supply chain, where he has been engaged with all logistics operations regarding pharmaceuticals and medical devices: Warehouse manager, shipping officer, head of the procurements Dept., logistics & operation manager. From the very beginning of his career, almost 25 years ago, he has experienced the inefficiencies that arise from the lack of a common language in the healthcare supply chain. Because of this, he envisioned a modern WMS software for the Greek Army’s Medical Supplies Centre utilizing GS1 standards, a system that was finally implemented in 2015. Since September 2017, he is the leading person in a project for the traceability of high-risk medical devices using GS1 standards, in the OR of the 401 Athens General Military Hospital.

Mr. Sotiris Tsiafos holds a BSc in Pharmacy and a MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He also holds a diploma in Computer and Database Programming. He strongly believes in the power of GS1 standards to transform the healthcare supply chain, for the benefit of all patients and healthcare professionals.