Stephen Kay

CEN TC 251 , Vice Chair
The digital patient

From 2009, managing director of THISC:
Project lead of the International Patient Summary (IPS), delivering EN 17269 and TS 17288.
Vice Chair of CEN TC/251 and member of the Health Informatics Joint Initiative Council (JIC).
BSI IST/35 management team for Digital Health.

From 2000, Professor of Health Informatics, Salford University:
Founder and leader of SHIRE, researching data interchange, ontologies and clinical narrative.
Convenor of both Working Groups 1, in CEN/TC251 and in ISO/TC215.

From 1987, lecturer/senior lecturer, Computer Science, Manchester University:
Co-founder and co-lead of the Medical Informatics Group, researching user interfaces for clinical work stations, and medical record models.